Vulnerable (Official Press Release)


Acacia Grace Announces the Release of Her Debut EP, Vulnerable in all Digital Streaming Platforms 

The US-based singer and songwriter is thrilled to announce the completion and release of her first project, Vulnerable, which combines a mix of soul, jazz R&B and neo-soul 

With the world's evolution, it isn't easy to find an artist today who can deliver a rhythmic mix of musical genres such as soul, jazz R&B and neo-soul. While it may be easy to find persons who can deliver soul and jazz R&B songs, neo-soul is almost unheard of today. It seems as though everyone wants to produce Afro-pop, hip hop, electric, and R&B music, leaving older audiences out of the premium entertainment in the music industry. 

As the drift to modernization continues to pose a challenge in the industry, Acacia Grace has decided to be the odd one out possibly. She had declared her intentions to offer her vocal prowess to satisfy the desires of people who miss the good 'Ol days when soul and neo-soul music were the norm. The US-based singer and songwriter has ventured into music, intending to bring back old vibes modernly without stripping the music of its original vibe. 

Today, Acacia Grace is announcing the release of her debut EP, which is titled "Vulnerable." The EP, which combines a mix of soul, jazz R&B, and neo-soul, features five tracks, including Old Times Blues, I Can't Live Without You, You’re Not a Friend of Mine, Pleasantly Surprised, and If You Wanna Get With Me. 

Speaking on the release of her first EP, Acacia said, “I am so excited to be releasing my debut project finally! I love to create and experiment with different concepts, and you will hear that in this album. Most of all, I just want everyone to enjoy it.” 

Vulnerable EP by Acacia Grace will be available across all digital streaming platforms on September 24, while the Digital Vinyl Special Edition pre-order is slated for September 30. 

On what inspires her, Acacia stated that "I am a fan of underrated singers. They bring something that mainstream artists don't, especially in the realm of creativity. I get a lot of my inspiration from soul artists who aren't mainstream because I feel we need more variety outside of mainstream music.” 

With her debut EP, Acacia brings back neo-soul, jazzy bluesy, and old-school music with a new-school flair. “I want to say thank you to everyone who has and will support my music. I really appreciate you for believing in me and pushing me to become a better artist,” concluded Acacia. 

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About Acacia Grace 

As a singer and songwriter, Acacia Grace is the perfect example of a modern woman in the music industry. From DC to California, she thrived in musical creativity, and her works are proof of her expertise and musical prowess. 

Influenced by artists such as Maysa, Leelah James, Lalah Hathaway, and Rachelle Ferell, Acacia’s music cuts across generational and cultural lines with a vocal complexity that soothes the spirit and inspires a multitude of audiences. 


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Company: Soul Optimism Music 


Address: La Habra, CA 

Country: USA 


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