Album Release Concert and more...

I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me and my band.  I am an east coast girl through and through and I wanted to create music that resembles old school Neosoul, Soul music with ALOT of jazz and funk. 

I was originally scheduled to release "Vulnerable" in June, but I was involved in a terrible accident which required extensive therapy. This unfortunately delayed the release of my debut EP, "Vulnerable". While this was a harrowing and trying time, I am very thankful to have been able to walk away and with time become healthy again. 

So with that out the way, I would love to introduce to you VULNERABLE by Acacia Grace. This album is a mix of soul and R&B. Every song on this album has to deal with an experience I had with relationships; with the exception of Pleasantly Surprised, this was a tribute to my best friend who recently got married. 

Also, if you are into collecting CDs or custom MERCH, I am selling signed digital vinyl copies, (CD's that look like vinyl records). They are normally listed as $11.99, but will be $10.99 for one week, until October 4, 2021 On my website 

Also, did I mention that "Pleasantly Surprised" made the Amazon UK Top 50 Hot New Releases list at #45? How cool is that? 

Last but not least... I will have an album release party later this month on STAGE-IT. It will be a 2 show special. If you have not signed up already, go to 

Stay tuned for the final dates and as always positive and healing vibes to everyone! 

~Acacia Grace

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