Podcast interview with SNOUNDS! 

Check my podcast interview with SNOUNDS

We talk about my music, my journey, living in Southern California, my hurdles and what's to come with my upcoming album! 

P.S. I do ramble alot so bear with me :)


** This episode…

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Releasing 2 singles April 16th!

Surprise! I will be releasing 2 singles this month month and I am SO excited! This is my first releases as an artist and it's amazing how much work goes into one song. I decided to release two different types…

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We are now Soul Optimism Music

In anticipation of my single and debut EP, I wanted to rebrand my label identity to express the variety of music I want to make now and in the future.  I can't wait to share with you my originals and…

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September Stage it Show was fun!

Despite the hiccups we still jammed. I apologize again for the last minute change in time but it was circumstances beyond my control. We will confirm whether this will be a permanent change in time for our monthly show soon…

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