It's been a long time... travels, new music and life changes.

I can't begin to tell you what a year 2023 was. Personally it got alot better for me, and I spent the month of July in France with friends. My daughters early graduation from high school is leaving me an empty nester sooner than I had hoped but she is on the track to go to college and I'm low key sad about that :( 


With my music, I have done alot of improving and FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY found my match in a producer. His name is Desmond Parson and he is also a soul artist. We are working on my new project and I wanted to release my single in February but it's looking more like March. Mainly because my talented niece Kayla Stukes is releasing her first single that I am featured on! She is also the co-writer of some of my songs ont he new project. I am so so happy to finally have things come together. I will be doing another Stageit but since the OBS isn't working, we may just have to stream via the website. I plan to do at least 1 show per month so I can also practice playing my guitar. If you don't follow me on Tik Tok, I posted a sample of one of the songs that will be on my new project. I am so excited and hope you like the new direction I am going. I promise to send out more newsletters to let you know what I am up to!


This past year I've been reflecting and I am on a journey of wellness and mental health. I have been doing mindful meditation for about a year and I plan time in the morning for healing sounds. Now that does not mean I will be making a flute album like 3 stacks (Andre 3000) lol but I want to gear my Merch to things that will help others with relaxation, health and healing. So in the next few months, there will be a shift to my Merch site to where the focus will be on things besides my shirts. 


That's all for now, don't forget to listen to the preview of the song Red Wine, the track will be available for purchase in a few weeks. 


Thanks so much for your support!


xo Acacia Grace

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