May is Lupus Awareness month. Here's what I want you to know...

If you follow me on IG you will know that I share my struggles with Lupus. 

Transparent moment:

I was diagnosed in 2014 after moving to California. Apparently I was photosensitive and living inland in Temecula was not good for my body. I was a competitive Crossfitter at the time so I had to scale back to jogging and light exercise. I try to eat Keto and stay hydrated but I can't resist a chocolate cookie :) Sometimes suffering from a chronic illness can feel so isolating. I tend to withdraw when I am feeling ill for an extended period of time because  I fell like people are tired of hearing how sick I am. It has kept me from singing and performing for a long time because of chronic inflammation. I am so lucky to have been treated by the best specialist and they founded LupusLA to help others and supplement costs for those patients who are financially disadvantaged or have advanced disease. I support LupusLA and if you would be so kind to donate to their cause on my behalf I would be so thankful. It will help so many others who have the misfortune of having this disease.

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