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Acacia Grace Set To Drop New Inspirational Singles Off Her Upcoming EP 

Talented soul, jazz artist, Acacia Grace, celebrates her illustrious career with the release of two new songs as she prepares to drop an EP in June. 

Acacia Grace has continued in the pursuit of spreading her wings and basking in the sunshine of an exceptional career as she drops two new singles from her soon-to-be-released EP:  Titled 'You're Not a Friend of Mine’ and ‘I Can't Live Without You’, the songs are a celebration of her career to date as she treats her fans and millions of lovers of good music across the globe to her unique style that includes an amazing voice and lyrical prowess.  

"Music is an expression of feelings, emotions, and creativity. Sharing that creativity breathes life into creation," said Acacia Grace. "Life has no guarantees but music lives on forever," she continued.  

The music and entertainment industry has witnessed a series of evolution over the years, thanks to the emergence of tons of talented acts and the advent of tech solutions that have helped artists reach their target audience more effectively. However, Acacia Grace looks set to push the boundaries and chart a new course in the industry with a fusion of different music styles to deliver sounds that everyone can relate to. 

“I wanted to make contemporary, soul music with a little old school spice which my own generation can identify with, but which can appeal to younger generations too," said Acacia Grace.  

The multifaceted entertainer has shown her versatility and ingenuity as a singer, songwriter, and poet. Her latest singles 'You're Not a Friend of Mine’ and ‘I Can't Live Without You’ will be officially released on April 16 to be available on all major streaming platforms.  

For more information about the new singles and other works from Acacia Grace, please visit - Acacia Grace can also be found across several social and digital platforms, including Facebook, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Lovers of good music can also enjoy a livestream show of Acacia Grace on Stageit. 

About Acacia Grace 

Acacia Grace is a singer, songwriter, poet, fashion designer, and mother, Acacia Grace is the perfect example of a modern woman stretching herself beyond the normal boundaries placed upon her by the music industry. Influenced by artists such as Maysa, Leelah James, Lalah Hathaway, and Rachelle Ferell, her music cuts across generational and cultural lines, with a vocal complexity that both soothes the spirit and inspires audiences to understand her world. 


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